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Safety Certification  – Your Questions Answered

FAQ - Vital Safety Training

Have questions for us? Have a look at the frequently asked questions regarding the safety training and certificates we offer at our Drayton Valley facility.

Contact us if you don't find the answers to your questions here.

What is the difference between Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid?
Emergency First Aid is a one day course where students learn CPR for adults and basic first aid until medical help arrives. This course provides training for treating shock and unconsciousness, severe bleeding, head and spinal injuries and major medical conditions. It also includes AED training and certification.

Standard First Aid is a two day course that covers all the skills that our Emergency First Aid course covers, along with first aid for fractures of upper and lower limbs, and CPR for children and infants.

Check the Occupation Health and Safety regulations to find out what course you require for your employment.

How long is an Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive course?
Energy Safety Canada states their protocols require a minimum of six hours of instruction time. That does not include lunch hour and breaks.

Does WHMIS training have an expiry date?
WHMIS training expires every three years. The petroleum industry requires WHMIS training to be completed every 3 years and must be upgraded if you are working with new or different products.

What time do the safety training courses start?
Most of our courses start at 7:45 AM sharp. It is up to the instructor’s discretion whether a student be allowed into class if they are more than 20 minutes late. View the individual courses for start times.


How long are the safety training courses?
Some courses are a full day and some are half. The length of time, date and start time varies between courses. View the individual courses for more details.


Are your safety courses endorsed by professional and industry governing bodies?
All of our training and certificates are endorsed through St. John Ambulance, Energy Safety Canada, Global Ground Disturbance and Alberta Hunter Education; and adheres to their protocols and standards.