Confined Space Entry & Basic Rescue

Confined Space Entry & Basic Rescue

As defined in Part 5 of the Alberta OHS Code, a confined space is an enclosed or partially enclosed space that is not designed or intended for continuous human occupancy with a restricted means of entry or exit and may become hazardous to a worker entering it because of:

  • Its design, construction, location or atmosphere
  • The work activities, material or substances in it
  • The provision of first aid, evacuation, rescue or other emergency response service is compromised, or
  • Other hazards relating to it

This course stresses worker safety in entering confined spaces. You will learn the proper procedures taken in entering a confined space, what a confined space is and learn the proper basic rescue procedures in a confined space. Each student will be allowed the opportunity to enter a confined space and to rescue a 165 lb mannequin from the confined space unit. After a written examination applicants will receive a certificate that is valid for 3 years.

Class Schedule

Date Time Fee Quantity
Jan 16, 2024 (Tue) @ 07:45 CAD$ 150.00
Feb 27, 2024 (Tue) @ 07:45 CAD$ 150.00